Utah Interpreter Program

The State of Utah Certifying & Regulating Body
for American Sign Language Interpreters

The Utah Interpreter Program (UIP) is an agency within the Utah State Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. UIP is responsible for certifying and regulating American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters for the State of Utah. Utah law requires interpreters be certified to work in the state. UIP maintains a directory of all certified interpreters who are authorized to work. UIP is not an interpreter agency, and does not hire out interpreters. The directory, as well as other information about hiring an interpreter can found in the Find an Interpreter section.

UIP offers state certification examinations, and recognizes national certifications issued by RID, EIPA, NAD, and CLTNC. For information on certification testing go to the Exams page. For those with national certification or have been certified in another state go to the Practitioners page to learn how to have the certification recognized.

Newly Utah Certified Interpreters

March 2018
  • Sam Jackson,  Professional
  • Nathan Moore, Professional
  • Sheri Ramirez, Professional
  • Kip Simonsen, Professional
February 2018
  • Callie Bowen,  Professional
  • Tressa Furgason, Professional
  • Kaitlyn Stone, Professional
January 2018
  • Kaela McCorkle, Professional
  • Kimberly Swanson, Professional
  • Emilee Taylor, Professional
December 2017
  • Kimberly Acker, Professional
November 2017
  • Zachary Barber, Professional
  • Kimberly Jessup, Professional
October 2017
  • Sarah Johnson, Professional
September 2017
  • Trevor Schramm, Professional
July 2017
  • Rebekah Beachley, Professional
  • Jennifer Dixon, Professional
June 2017
  • Julia Lantis, Professional
  • Ashlynn Poelman, Professional

February 2018
  • McKayla Dykman,  Novice
  • Michaela Mathis,  Novice
January 2018
  • Natalie Aguila, Novice
December 2017
  • Abigail Hollingshead, Novice
  • Sarah Trottier, Novice
  • Hannah Cosper, Novice

November 2017

  • Spencer Duckworth, Novice
  • Rylee Martin, Novice
  • Rebecca Neslen, Novice
  • Megan Stromness, Novice

October 2017

  • Amanda Wilson, Novice

September 2017

  • Joseph Giles, Novice
  • Sheryl Robbins, Novice
  • Caitlin Waters, Novice

August 2017

  • Jamie Bond, Novice
  • Jordan Bylund, Novice
  • Tana Hales, Novice
  • Janell Landeen, Novice
  • Megan Ziolkowski, Novice

July 2017

  • Mallory Corbett, Novice
  • Jaron  Gerber, Novice
  • Josh Godfrey, Novice
  • Lauren Jacoby, Novice
  • Alexa Maxwell, Novice
  • Ashley Moody, Novice

No Longer Certified/Recognized Interpreters

January 2018

  • Amber Thomas
  • Susan Lorenz

February 2018

March 2017

  • Joseph Kane
  • Jackie Sakil
  • Jeff Pollock

April 2017

  • Leigh Cox
  • Kathy Lorenz

May 2017

  • Wendy Kenyon
  • Miriam Craner

June 2017  

  • Kathryn Young
  • Jodi Gonzales

July 2017

  • Larrysa Martin                  Stephanie Bryant
  • Merrillyn Day                     Vanessa Dalton

August 2017

  • Julia Allnut                                 Clarissa Hernandez
  • Lorie Bagby                                Jennifer Joralmon    
  • Byron Behm                               Scott Krueger                          
  • Jessica Dunn                              Naomi McCown
  • Daleena Ewbank                      Shandra Montague
  • Christina Felix                           Angela Neff 
  • Christina Harbour                  Diana O'Toole
  • Ruth Patterson                         Pauline Prather
  • Leah Forger                                 Vicki Rael
  • Kathy Roche                                Shaunda Seery
  • Nicole Tuttle                                Carrie Wilbert
  • Jessica Martin 

September 2017

  • Ashley Carlisle
  • Emily Hess

October 2017

  • Jane Tucker
  • Susan Layton

November 2017

December 2017

  • Amanda Grandprey          Stephanie Moeller
  • Ashlie Njord                          Shara Stanley
  • Katherine Haney                John Stanley