Utah Interpreter Program

The State of Utah Certifying & Regulating Body
for American Sign Language Interpreters

The Utah Interpreter Program (UIP) is an agency within the Utah State Division of Services to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. UIP is responsible for certifying and regulating American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters for the State of Utah. Utah law requires interpreters be certified to work in the state. UIP maintains a directory of all certified interpreters who are authorized to work. UIP is not an interpreter agency, and does not hire out interpreters. The directory, as well as other information about hiring an interpreter can found in the Find an Interpreter section.

UIP offers state certification examinations, and recognizes national certifications issued by RID, EIPA, NAD, and CLTNC. For information on certification testing go to the Exams page. For those with national certification or have been certified in another state go to the Practitioners page to learn how to have the certification recognized.

Newly Utah Certified Interpreters

  • Allyson Hamilton, Professional 
  • Madison Pemberton, Professional
  • Elizabeth White, Professional
  • Jordan Cook, Professional
  • Bethany Hammon, Professional
  • Tressa Nicola, Professional
  • Jacob Cameron, Novice
  • Chelsea Williams, Novice
  • Lorell Loosle, Novice
  • Melissa Christiansen, Novice
  • Jasmine Fries, Novice
  • Melissa Steinfeldt, Novice

No Longer Certified/Recognized Interpreters

  • Jamie Ribera                                     
  • Chris Hamilton
  • Tobias Wilde
  • Cameron White
  • Jennifer Manwaring
  • Chris Miller
  • Michelle Newton
  • Gloria Herrera
  • Britney Stringham 
  • Zachary Barber
  • Kevin Hartelius
  • Jan Petersen
  • Amanda Grandprey
  • April Brunsvik
  • Jeanette Nuttall
  • Kurt Fertig
  • Tiffany Dodge
  • Nicholas Perkins
  • Kathryn Young
  • Belinda Bailey
  • Jeanene Holley
  • Stephanie Bryant
  • Amy Morris
  • Brandi Nelson
  • Heather Morgan