Utah Interpreter Program

The State of Utah Certifying & Regulating Body
for American Sign Language Interpreters

CEH Requirements

Interpreters are responsible for keeping their own CEH records and reporting them to UIP within the required certification renewal/recognition cycle. All CEH must be accrued during the cycle year to count toward renewal. Professional and Master level Interpreters who do not satisfy the CEH requirements may fill out a One Time Extension form.

Novice, EIPA, & CUEDinterpreters are required to complete 20 CEH's annually.

Professional level interpreters are currently required to complete 80 CEH's in a four (4) year period.

RID/NIC/NAD certified interpreters must comply with RID’s professional development requirements. For more information go to the RID website: http://www.rid.org/

How to Earn CEH's
All CEH’s must be PRE-APPROVED two (2) weeks before the activity. CEH approval will NOT be given after the event takes place. The only exception to pre-approval is UIP or RID sponsored workshops. For CEH approval fill out the Workshop Approval for Interpreters form.

A minimum of 90% of CEH's must be professional studies related to:

A maximum of 10% of CEH's must be general studies related to:

Activites that are NOT approved CEH's:

CEH Forms/Applications
One Time Extension
Workshop Approval for Interpreters
Workshop Approval for Sponsors/Presenters
Workshop Attendance Roster