Utah Interpreter Program

The State of Utah Certifying & Regulating Body
for American Sign Language Interpreters

Meeting Agenda

Interpreter Certification Board (ICB)

April 5, 2017 3:00-5:00pm

Closed Session 4:30-5:00pm


  1. Update from the CEC- Trenton Marsh

  2. High school students shadowing interpreters - Trevor Schramm

  3. ICB approval Lapsed Interpreters on website - Mitch

  4. ICB approval, Job listings on the UIP website - Mitch

  5. Discuss the new certification rules - Mitch

  6. Earning CEH’s for working with interns - Connie Spanton-Jex/ Emily Beech (Postponed to next meeting)

  7. ICB approval of CEH’s and what counts ( See 2nd page for the explanation of our policy)  - Mitch

  8. Closed Session for Appeal (ICB Members Only)


How to Earn CEH's

All CEH’s must be PRE-APPROVED two (2) weeks before the activity. CEH approval will NOT be given after the event takes place. The only exception to pre-approval is UIP or RID sponsored workshops. For CEH approval fill out the Workshop Approval for Interpreters form.

A minimum of 90% of CEH's must be professional studies related to:

A maximum of 10% of CEH's must be general studies related to:

Activities that are NOT approved CEH's: